Mega Weekend Update

Might need some time to read this post, so sit down and enjoy.



I was having so much fun playing video games on friday night that I went to sleep pretty late. 2am, or sometime then. Which made it so hard for me to wake up on saturday morning.

I woke up at 7:30am to go to the Starbucks, near downtown hayward (right next to jamba juice) to do my accountability with my brother from chruch. So we did that from 8-9am talking about our lives and our goals and encouraging each other.


Anyways, we were talking about different people. What we were trying to figure out was why certain people were so much harder to “talk and interact” with than others. That was one of our challenges to each other, to see if we could make sure we actually talked to everyone. For some people, it is just that there are in a different life stage (starting college), where listening to them talk about things is a drag. They don’t really have anything interesting to say, but essentialy they give me a play by play of my day (Just like how i’m writing my blog).


Not that talking about their day is boring, but more to the point. If you were asking me about my day at work, I would only tell you the most important or interesting thing that happened, because I bet you do the exact same thing in your office I do(like read emails, get some bad emails, forget to drink the coffee, have an annoying co-worker that talks to you)


So that is what It feels like when i hear them talking to me. Some of the things I already in my mind assume that they do based on past conversations, so they don’t really need to tell me that. Or they give me too much irrevelant information which drags out the story. There is only so much time to listen to one person talk. =)

I think the other type of person that really tests my patience when I’m talking to them, is the one that asks me a billion questions. Like I’m a convict or something, it makes the conversation really hard. It feels more like “grill Andrew” then lets just talk.

Then we talking for a while until 9:15, then went to church to do the cleanup. IMAG0296

We were in charge of 2 floors, and what we were expected to do was use the machine to clean the floor and wipe down the windows. For some reason, I think the windex or 409 I was using was all watered down, because it was leaving streaks on the window. We also didn’t smell any ammonia. Overall, I think only the carpet floors actully were cleaned.


Then someone told me later that 409 is not for windows. =) That was why I was streaking it up. FAIL by Andrew. At least I didn’t do that mega bad thing one time, of mixing lysol and 409 together to clean stuff. I was out sick for 2 days after doing that.


Concannon Vineyard

So I left church around 10:50am to pick Kaley up from the CV bart station. Today, we were going to go to
. My coworker Zach has a wine membership there, so he has been bugging me about bringing a friend along. So It was him, co-worker Steve, Kaley and I there.


We actually went on a really good day, it was the opening of the new spring release. So they had the barrell room opened, and there were appetizers and 10 different wines to taste there. Also a band also started playing jazz music later on in there. I didn’t know anything about wine, so when the servers were describing the taste to me, some of it was going over my head. I only knew 3 things about the wine, once it touched my lip. How it starts off “either sweet or not sweet”, in the middle “how sharp the flavor was”, and the aftertaste.


Kaley was so nice to help me figure out that I really have a strong sweet tooth. So I really only liked the “white wines”.


Sorry there were no pictures taken, because I was carrying a plate with food, and a wine glass. And I don’t have a 3rd hand to reach into my phone or anything like that. =)


So we went from the barrell tasting room to the wine tasting room. Like in the picture above we all got a free wine glass, and I bought a dessert wine (tastes like a capri-sun).


We had another really nice server in the wine tasting room, that guy got us another 10 samples. I was starting to get tipsy from drinking so much wine. So i had to start spitting out wine because I had to drive (didn’t want put my friend Kaley in danger in my car), it was sad that I had to waste good wine. So iff the wine was red, I would take a sip, pour the rest into my co-workers glass, then spit out my wine. We did that for a good 3 hours


Steve wanted to continue drinking stuff like beer, so was trying to get the rest of us to go out to Hopyard and get another drink. He was pretty funny, because I just know when I walked into the wine tasting room, he bumps me on the chest and points out the bachelorette party and says “cute girls there”. But I notice that when he needs to get around people he is more touchy feely, like me. Taps people on the shoulders to move them around.


East Bay SPCA

So with my two co-workers gone, it was only around 3pm. Now we needed to use up some time before going out to Buffalo Wild Wings. So I recommended we go to the SPCA, becuase I had not been there in a while. I love that building because it is so fancy, and looks so much nicer than the animal shelter across the street.


For a place like that, you just walk in and start walking around looking at the animals. The dogs were so cute, they all looked like they wanted to play when we were walking by their doors.


We did get to the cat section, and Kaley saw a Cat that looked exactly like hers. So we went in and started playing with that cat and the other 2 cats. Actually the other 2 cats didn’t really care too much, one was just hiding in a hole, while the 2nd one was eating. However the one that Kaley was looking at loved the attention. The cat would throw its head into my arm, and do a slight nip of my hand. Very very affectionate cat, with a really good temperament.


That was the cat I was talking about above. It was so exactly the same, that Kaley went and called her friend and tried to convince him to drive all the way out to dublin to adopt it. I’m not sure if she was successful, but she sent so many things to her friend. Video, some pictures, and links to the place. =)


I just took a random picture, but when you walk down the hallway. One wall is lined with paintings for animals, this spca reminds me of a library for animals. While if you went to the animal shelter across it feels like you are in a locker room.


Emerald Glen Community Park

It was around 4pm, so since it was such a warm, nice sunny day. We went across the street to the park and just hung out there. While I was laying down on the grass, when I looked to the right, the angle of the sun coming into my eyes made me squint, and made everything that was 2-3 feet away seem to be in black and white. It was really weird. =)


Buffalo Wild Wings

Finally we get to “B Dubs” as Kaley refers to it. Hahaha, that is just like the new way I’ve been refereing to my initials. “A Dub Squared”. =).


So we were playing the trivia game “buzztime”, and I was getting whipped by everyone (there were only 3 opponents), especially from the person sitting next to me. =). However I did win one against her. A rock paper scissors to see if I could pay for our dinner (I didn’t want to make a college student starve any more than they should) . =) . Thank goodness I had all the practicing against my friends in college, especially when we were trying to see who could order which “treadless” t-shirt. So no two people would ever wear the same shirt.


We ordered 24 pieces of wings, and all i remember from my friends was don’t order above “carribean jerk”. So that was the spiciest we wet, then we just went down from that.


Haha, the funny part was at the end. We had a to go box. However, I forgot all about it. Not sure what I was thinking (must not have noticed it at all) but I just didn’t pick it up, while Kaley thought I would pick it up. My preoccupied mind.


Castro Valley Ice Creamery

So we went to the ice creamery and had the fudgely brownie. We shared one, because it was pretty big. There were two scoops of ice cream, I had strawberry shortcake, and she had knudsens toffee_____. I forgot what that flavor was. It was soo delicious and looked so good. Best way to describe it would be a picture, but I have no picture, so it will just have to be from imagination.


Then I dropped Kaley off at the Hayward Bart station and proceded on with my night.


Ben’s Poker Night

So I get to Ben’s house around 8:30pm. I am in a sligh food coma state, so I’m feeling really happy and lethargic. Not really wanting to think too hard, but they had a 20 dollar buy in for poker. So I buy in and this is after everyone has been playing for an hour. 15 minutes later, get knocked, because I wasn’t really interesting in playing. That food coma knocked me out, and so did the whole days event.


That was saturday




Sunday wasn’t anything too specatular. I was wearing a grey polo shirt in the morning, and was about to leave for church. So I go say good day to my sister, and she looks at a button on my polo and says “let me help cut off that extra string”. Thinking nothing of it, I let her try to cut it.


What goes wrong? I think I must have sewed this button on myself, but she kept on pulling the string and eventually jsut pulled all the string out, and the button fell to the floor. My sister is now going “Oh no, I didn’t mean to do it. It just fell by itself. I just pulled the string and it kept on giving me more, so i took more”. Hhahahaha,


I then run to my room pull out my needle and string and begin to sew back in my button. 5 minutes later, it looked exactly the same as before, but there was still a little extra string hanging and my sister wanted to cut it. I looked at her and said “no please, i’ll just leave it this way”.


Today, it was my turn to pick up the donuts for chruch, So here is my picture.


Donut holes, ham and cheese croissonts.


Then sunday was just like other sunday, church, basketball, then come home and do chores. However no need to study, so =).

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