The only side effect I don’t like from playing football is that the next day, I have ache and pains in all parts of my body. My neck is sore, my quads are sore, my muscles are all tight in my shoulder. But it was worth it, and I would still play football today if I had a chance.

Currently, I’m trying to play around with that keyboard to see what kind of things I can do on it. I figured out that I play the piano keys slowly, so I had to change the velocity curve of the keyboard to most sensitive setting so it would recognize how hard I was pressing on the keys to tell it to make a louder sound.

My shoes that I played football in are stinky, so I have been leaving them outside to unsmell. I think it was because I jumped in the mud and my shoe is still wet from it.

Oh yeah, and I’m still on that quest to do the splits, even though I’m barely getting anywhere. I just like the idea of being able to do the splits so I don’t pull my muscle near the commard center as easily.

What annoys me is when somehow a person’s name and face will be stuck in my head all day. And I have no idea why that person keeps on popping into my head, and it makes me feel like I’m going crazy. Makes me feel like JD in Scrubs, where I imagine that person running around my brain.

I set up my keyboard on a stand at the foot of my bed, so when I wake up in the morning, or after a nap. I usually slide to the foot of my bed and start playing the keyboard, then I get out of bed.

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