What I do at work

As I was going around doing my work today (still some coughing) I was thinking about how do i describe my job to someone. On dating sites, I just say I do HVAC and make the air conditioning and heater work. That is the simpliest way I describe it. While if someone had more time, and was really interested I would say I control the system with a computer. Which tells the maintenance guy at a workstation what problems are occuring. So I took some pictures of the parts that I use at work to give you a better idea of what I do.
In this first picture is a Differential Pressure Transmitter and a terminal block. The differential pressure transmitter makes it so you know what the pressure in a certain part of the building to the air at a different location. What happens if the pressure isn’t correct, it would be going to the hospital and when the door opens, the air sucks in instead of blows out. Which would be bad in a hospital because they don’t want to take in outside dirt and germs. Just blow out the stuff from inside the hospital. I don’t build any of these parts, I just make a drawing and have a guy assemble them in the field for me.
This is what a panel looks like once it is finished in hte shop. Now it will go out into the field and the rest of the wiring will be attache to it. The controller is then connected to a computer through an network cable.

That is what I do at work. Now its time for the fun stuff that happened at work. Actually, I don’t think anything exciting happened today because I was pretty must subdued by my cough. So I was just mustering all my concentration on doing my work. =P

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