I am sick today

Woke up with that nasty feeling of lethargic and sweating. Thought about going to work, but then I would not heal as fast. So I am sitting on my desk with my wall-e fleece blanket drapped over me.

My sister also gave me some cough syrup. She told me to not touch the cap with my lips, so i put my finger between the cup and my hand. Then I downed it, (my sister said ‘take it like a shot”) Hahaha, which i found really funny.

Also, I was searching myself up on the internet to see what people would find if they put in my username or email address.
So I stumbled over my livejournal from college. So anyways, I moved all 630 posts from there to my wordpress.

What I found fun was randomly clicking on a link and seeing what I thought about in that month.

Clicked on Feb 2005, see that on the 27, when I sleep talk, I talk in english, chinese, and few other languages. And my roommate in college and I have planned things together. =)

And I do remember palming a coin in college. I would walk everywhere with the coin sitting nicely in my hand. During class, I would try to see if I could palm it and forget about it while still paying attention to the lecture. Many coins were lost this way… =)

But I do notice how by reading stuff in my livejournal, you can kind of see the things I wanted to work on, and how it ended up overall. Also the progression of how I did things.

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