weird day

Today was really different. I’m not sure why, but it felt different today.

In my first class today, (thermodynamics 2). Our teacher went overtime, and didn’t know about it. So everyone in the class was sitting there listening to him. But it was really quiet, and in the back of the room one guy was making some noise. He was softly making the chime noise that the bell makes, and doing the ring, ring. And the teacher still didn’t hear it. Everyone in the room heard him doing that. It was funny

Then in my next class, ime 157. I don’t think anyone knew we had a test today, because the teacher didn’t really say much about it. All he did was write about it on blackboard. And I had clicked on the wrong blackboard class and found out several days ago that we had a test. So when I talked to everyone at class, a lot of them were surprised to learn there was a test. So I think we are going to average really low on it.

I’m looking around at stuff I need to buy. And it looks like I might want to make more speakers, so I will need to buy a table saw.

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