Wasps, Ballot, and Flips, Oh my!

Friday and saturday have been going pretty good. Friday was pretty funny, my co-worker handed me down a shirt he bought in college. He’s 28 and has been married for 3 years, so this shirt has not been worn in 3 years. On thursday he said, “I have this shirt perfect for you, it is clean (literally, and figuratively)”. So on friday, I go into the office and find this shirt on my desk, in XL.


They friday night there was a Young Adult Core Meeting. So it was at Pastor Josh’s house. I was standing outside the door for maybe 3 minutes, because Dustin was in the house, but in the restroom. So as I was standing there, I noticed that they have a wasp hive in the underside of the roof overhang.

We were reading up on it later, these wasps fight against the black widows. So the wasps make these little mud holes in different areas where they store food (dead spiders) in them.


Then after our meeting we were sitting around watching “so you think you can dance”. Valene said if i wanted to dance like someone I should try to be like Alex Wong, and his dancing. So I was sitting around doing some ballet moves and working on my hip hop.

So I was working on my splits while watching the show.

Today, I went for 2 parkour classes. The level 2 and level 1. It was so tiring. Had people spoting me while I was doing the wall flips, then I did some other flips. Going to need to work on my stuff for a while to get better. It was such a hard class, I ended up with 2 new bruises and a rolled ankle from trying to tictac off the wall.

Right before the class, there was a hooping class so I watched the last 10 minutes of it. IMAG0647

Finally, at the library before parkour classes, I was looking at random books. There is a graphic novel of the kids book “boxcar children”. IMAG0644

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