4th of July Weekend

This weekend would have been spectacular if i wasn’t as injured from parkour as I was. Hahah, so I couldn’t play basketball on sunday.


I was doing a leap, and I didn’t get a good rotation when I hit the floor so my neck and head just went straight into the cushion. Heard a nice popping sound as my neck verterbre popped out of place, so it was kind of tight in my neck. So I got up kind of moved my neck and it popped back in. However, it was sore for the rest of the day, so i did very conservative jumps over the blue wall.


I can almost do a full kong vault now. I’m just leaping farther and just pushing my body so I’m actually making it over, but I do get some nice bruises because I don’t really know how to land it that well yet. Still learning that part. =) Need to get good by august so Vinesh can record this awesomeness.

Sunday there was chruch, and the neighbors dogs are making it over into the church property. So kids were playing with one of the dogs, it didn’t know how to do anything because it didn’t fetch or do anything except follow random people around.


Now there was a BBQ at mindy’s place. So al ot of the young adults and youth went over to her house, and her dad was BBQing. I actually ended up BBQing the chicken and tritip too. So here is a picture of meat.


Later some of the girls were grilling desserts. One was a strawberry, angel food cake, strawberry on a skewer (which was then lightly grilled0 and then topped with whip cream. They saw it in a magazine, and it tasted like a funnel cake.

Last funny story, I guess I never knew how many of the church mom’s were actually interesting in my relationship life, they all kind of have an idea about my singlelife and pondered about it. A lot of them want to be a matchmaker for me, I can see it in their eyes when within one minute of the conversation, they all want to know if I have a girlfriend, then when I say “no” they think for a moment and say “would you want me to introduce you to a girl?”. =)

It is hard for me to not say no, because I like meeting new people, but usually I have declined them. However, I am getting interested in seeing what these church mom’s have in their mind as a girl that might be a good match with me. So I think I will start saying yes, how wrong of a girl could they match me up with. 😉

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