Vacation in Venice Italy

Our trip to venice started out a little troublesome, but it ended up being really good. The biggest issue we had was that Sherri’s dad’s luggage did not make it with us on the plane. The plane did not load all the luggage onto the plane, so his stuff was not there. So we had to wait until the next day for the luggage to be delivered to our place. We did waste some time (around 1.5 hours waiting around for the luggage).



The first thing i saw about venice was just how water based this place was. I never really realized how small and skinny the city is, and how there are canals that are everywhere. How everything is done by boat, the trash boat, the hospital boat. Our airbnb was in the area that was the 2nd  stop in venice once you take the bus boat. It was also only 10 minutes away from the train station.



The Airbnb that i picked had a very cool hobbit home type of feel. Sherri loved it, and we spent a lot of time just exploring how cool the house was.

IMG_2262 IMG_2263

The teakettles and teacups that adorn the walls make the place look so cute. Also, the plate’s on the wall gave sherri so many ideas about how to decorate our house. It might be a very expensive vacation 🙂 if i count all the things that are going to be happening to my house.


IMG_2271 IMG_2272

Sherri and I had been working really hard on eating clean for the past year (since april) sofor us food is not as big of an issue when we travel. We usually just try to find places that are good, and don’t really need to eat the michelon star restaurants.

Anyways, the dinner that we tried the first night was the nice dinner for Venice. 🙂 The waiter said the special was a white fish, so I said ‘Okay, I’ll take it’. I didn’t realize it would be a $100 dollar fish. You could tell that it might be expensive, when the server gave me us a show by filleting and plating the fish in front of us. I will say that the fish was amazing, and it was a great dinner.

IMG_2274 IMG_2275

The nice part of living really close to places when traveling is visiting all the popular tourist spots at night. Sherri and I were able to go to Saint Mark’s Square at 10pm, and if you look at the pictures below, there is absolutely no one there. There were 2 competing orchestra’s playing music on opposite sides of the square. Sherri and I were able to enjoy the moment by dancing through the night in the square.

IMG_2287 IMG_2292


2nd  Day in Venice


Venice is mostly about wandering around and trying to find all these cool little places in the area. I used the app atlas obscura to find fun places to look at while on the island.


There are whole bunch of people in the square (this is at around 10am, before all the people have arrived from the cruiseships.


Sherri and I found all the bookstores we could find. This was one of my favorite places the aqua library because everything is in a boat so it can float during a flood.


We found a church that had a flooded crypt that we could go down and look at.


One of the most interesting thing to know about Venice is how rich of a city it use to be. Looking at the inside of these churches, and the outside of all buildings. You could tell there was a lot of money that was being spent on all the buildings.


For Venice, Sherri and I must have walked a good 4 miles on one of the days, because there were just so many places to walk around and discover. I know that it took me around 1 hour to walk maybe half a mile, because we kept on taking pictures everywhere. Every church was so beautiful, and i can see why people think of venice like a real life amusement park.







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