Unemployment: Chomp Chomp


I will gain 15 pounds or something during this time off. Mostly because I eat more. Especially with Sherri. Also, I don’t exercise as much because I am spending more time taking care of my dad.

I took Sherri out for a late lunch on Monday, and we went to an Asian restaurant called “Leisure Cafe”. It was the good Chinese restaurant. There was this other Chinese restaurant that is not that good. Sherri almost laughed when she throught I was taking her there (the bad one) Because she and her co-workers know that the Chinese food there sucks.


Wednesday, I ended up taking my dad to the hospital. Ordered some food for him there. I made him this really pretty good sandwich. A little roast beef, a little turkey.

I myself went to my favorite meat place in San leandro. Lunardi’s and since it was Wednesday it was tri-tip sandwich special day. I got a regular tri-tip sandwich with double meat. Bought Sherri a single meat. I also got her flowers from the farmers market outside.

The guy helped me choose a pretty yellow orchid. He was grabbing a few and they all looked pretty good. Then he moved around and found one with the stems in parallel going up. So I gave him $15 and had an orchid that should last a month if taken care of properly.


Then I went home and relaxed in my chair. Happy smiling me.

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