Travelator in Hong Kong


So I have written this blog 3x, and accidentally wiped it 3x on my phone.
As we take the ferry to go across. They have a big egg custard display prop. There were 2 ladies taking cute pictures next to it, which prompted us to go look at take pictures.


Hong Kong island is small. I think it might be the same size as SF. They rebuilt it a lot, I think all the big financial/government buildings are connected by raised walkways.


This is a popular view in Hong Kong movie scenes. It is nice, especially when it was raining today.


The most interesting thing about Hong Kong is all the new buildings next to the old skyscraper buildings. So the whole place is tall!

There is also a travelator, which is a huge escalator service that spans from the port lowest point on the island, going up 3-4 miles to the apartment buildings at the top of the hill. It is pretty cool, and a really long walk. Then it is only stairs going back down.

I went up only 3/4 of the way, because my parents were getting tired, and the buildings were becoming more residential. All along the escalators were all the multiethnic restaurants.


Then we ended up eating desert at hui shai lau Shan. Getting a giant mango tofu pudding, with 2 side dessert dishes. A cheesecake ice cream mango cube dish, and mango mochi.


Then we went to the most famous shopping mall in Hong Kong. We looked at different stores, every place had so many high end stores. 🙂 I can imagine how much must be spent.

There was an American Eagle magazine release, so they had this really big release party/band opening. It looked so interesting. I never saw anything like it before.

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