Transparent NYE


Above is Sherri and I’s picture in front of the photobooth.

For this year, Transparent NYE event is at my house. So it was interesting seeing all the people come to my house early to help me set up. I put up all the lights and they had a giant jeopardy game. The crazy thing about the jeopardy game was how they fit around 30 people into my family room couch area. There were a lot of people just standing up, and squished in there.

However that game turned out to be amazing. Everyone loved itIMAG3147

The way the place was laid out, we had my living room as a darker room where people were just hanging out talking. Usually this was the more quiet area, where we had people just hanging out there chatting, who didn’t really want to play the game. It also was the room where we had the transparent time capsule. Write stuff you are thankful for this year, and put it in there. Then in 1 year we will give it back to you. IMAG3148IMAG3155

Here is a happy photo of sherri and me.

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