Time to eat healty


With my parents out for the next 10 days, I get to make my own food. So I decided to try to eat what I see on beachbody insanity. So I made steak and asparagas, rice and beans. Which means I’ll have to work nice and hard today.


It tasted really good, too bad I’m not as good at decorating my food. How do I know when something is ready to eat. I usually just look at the colors if it is vegetables. While for the meat, I just look at the juices that come out. =)



Today, my auntie was trying to find me the name of a female at her church she wants to set me up on a date with. But anyways, I was looking through a 5th grade year book to see if i ever met that girl. Then I look and see how I look totally different than now. Which is good. I’m in the middle, but it would be funny if i did take a picture without putting myself in the middle.

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