Stay at Home and be productive weekend

I finally finished fixing the church website, (or 99% of it, there are a few image pages that don’t link correctly, but people will be able to manuever through it). So with that finished, I can start to read my magic trick book again.

So what did I do on my weekend? Didn’t really plan on doing anything big except practice some home remodeling stuff I saw on youtube. Which can teach me anything, =).

So I decided I would clean the kitchen refrigerator, and regrout the kitchen sink (Or the parts that were off). Went to my 2nd most visited store in college (It was target and Home Depot). Found my grout, a rubber flat spreader, and a sponge.



It was not too hard, just apply and use that rubber mat and moved the mat at a 45 degree angle to the tiles to make sure the grout went into all the crevaces. Cleaned up with a sponge, and then wait for it to fully dry. (Only waited 5 hours, because my sister had to make spaghetti for dinner.

Then I cleaned the refrigerator. That is a pain in the butt to clean, because there’s always a lot of stuff that just falls around in there.



Today was pretty simple, church, work on church website, then I went to Vinesh’s place to watch the end of the sharks and heat game. Hahaha, I carried my food on my plate while I drove to his house so I could eat and watch there.

The funny part of his place was that I rung the doorbell and no one answered, so I just opened the door and walked to the microwave to start reheating my food. Then vinesh and edris comesdown and think I’m vineh’s sister doing something in the kitchen and they are both confused to see me come from the kitchen. 🙂

I made this tonight.


Fish, Potato, Brocolli and Asparagus.

I also ate a slice of pizza, slice of mango cheescake, rest of edris chicken and some of his pasta salad. That made me full.

Finally, I started to try to learn how to do a backflip just for fun. Because I was watching more parkour.

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