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Wow, good thing I’m even keel, because if right now I’m just in shock with what just happened in the design test. I have no idea where that came from. I was so geared up for that test, and Jason and I had gone over the practice problems 4x. Then on the test, it didn’t have any of it, just some of the concepts, but none of the stuff we did. =(. Tricky professor yong. I did figure out most of the tricks but there’s just so many different rules that i couldn’t remember them all.

I was just talking to my roommate about my package that arrived. So I bought some safety goggles, because the ones that i borrow from the hanger are too big for me. So whenever I lean my face down, the goggles slide down my face. So its not comfortable. So I bought a goggle and it comes in a 1.5 x 0.5 x 1 foot box. Which is really big compared to the sunglasses size goggle that’s in there. Then my roommate (who’s an industrial maufacturing) tells me they do that because it will most likely lead to less goggles being broken, and might be more cost efficient.

Now I want to go play, but I have to go back and do studying for intermediate dynamics. If only i could graduate right now. For some reason, my heat transfer teacher is really good at helping us remember equations. I remember some of these constants.

I was eating breakfast this morning with Brian. And we hear Tom go inside and take a shower, and I start wondering how in the world Tom is able to take a shower. Because it was raining today, and the water is really cold, i turned on the faucet and only cold water came out.
Later in the day, I see Tom in the library and he asks me why the shower water is cold.

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