Senior Project

Today was Ivan’s birthday, he’s trying to catch me in age, but he won’t be able to reach me. We had a dinner with him at Cat’s house, which was really nice of her to host.

I love how all the ME students all think the same. “Lets all wait until the last minute to get it done”, I walked into the ME lab today right after class. There were 30 students around 12 computers trying to finish their ghant chart. The problem that occurred was that there wasn’t anymore printing paper in the printers. It took the paper guy around 15 minutes before he was able to come over. That backed up everyone, I had printed out my papers yesterday.

We have our conference call with the guy from periscope cellars. It was a really quick meeting, but we found out that some Australian company beat him to the market. But they are only in Australia ,
We then did some research into the demographics of Australia, and it said that people in our age group in australia drink 40 cups of wine every 2 weeks. Or something that breaks down to around 2-3 cups a day.

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