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This past 2 days i’ve been sleeping really late at around 1:30 am in the morning. As to my usual 11:00-12:00 time slot. So waking up at 7:15am has been tough everyday. I wake up and feel very tired, so i just stay in the bed for a while. My eyes rea very heavy, and i know if i close them I will sleep for another hour and oversleep my class. So I sit in a kneeling position with my head on my pillow, because I don’t think its possible to fall asleep in that position. So i close my eyes for 10 more minutes.

Today, we had a farily cool sounding lab, but it really wasn’t much at all. We made little bombs in the thermal lab. We had only 1.02 grams of gasoline and put a wire connected to a 10 cm of wire. This little gasoline thing was put insdie a container that looked like a thermo. We then put it into water, shut the lid tight. And after exploding it, we measured how much the water temperature was raised by the explosion.

The past sunday, I was at one of my friends superbowl parties. It was great eating all that meat. Becasue i’m trying to build up, i’m seem to be eating more. I think my metabolism is back up to horse level, i seem to be hungry every single minute of the day. When i go look at the scale, I haven’t gained anything. Eating bananas and yogurt as a snack is not filling. The only thing that seems to get me full is carboyhydrates.

So if you see me online at 9:00pm. I’m eating something. Like a donut, (i don’t know how vinesh got so big eating that stuff), or a jelly sandwich. I think that is why my food always seems to disappear. I eat 2 bowls of rice, and a whole army of vegetables and meat. =O.

this was a linke that doug sent me of a chubby guy lip syncing. It made me laugh. So it hsa been playing for the past 1 hour on my computer. Looking at chubby people makes me envy of them, because they have mass. And in engineering terms, if they ran into me, I would be on road kill.

Finally, my roommate interviewed me for his psychology class. So there were 16 personalites traits or something to that number. And i was looking at all the categories, so it ended up between dutifulness, and complexiness. So I chose complexiness, because it had all the cool things. thinks the arts are important, likes to think of new ideas, can carry a conversation on a higher level, likes to not be routine After reading that, i knew it was that.

I also read an article about some kid who wore a brett farve jersey for over 180 straight days. Haha, then i thought to myself. I bet doug jensen could beat that kid, and wear the brett farve jersey for 600000000 days. Or just get a tattoo of brett farve’s jersey.

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