the cast is off

I took my cast off today, I’ll put pictures up of my finger tomorrow, because its all taped up. But I have this nice V cut on my pinky, that was stiched up. That will come back later.

So today, I left SLO at 7am. I got up early so I could try to get to the Bay Area around noontime, so I could pick up the parts from the sponsor’s warehouse. I arrived in Emeryville at around 11:30am. He wasn’t around in his place, so I had to call him to have him drop by. As he was coming to meet me at his place I just walked around the little warehouse that his building was in. This place reminded me of the maze for the English teachers offices at Cal Poly. The building has been subdivided so much, that there are stairs that lead up to two rooms, and hallways don’t connect. So I walked around the building for 10 minutes trying to find the front of periscope cellars.

Okay, back to my finger. I got to have my cast taken off today. So I see them take off my cast, and they had put some plaster on it to mold it to my hand. The doctor showed me the x-rays of my pinky, and I see this nice little screw in my pinky. And the doctor said that everything looks good, and that my hand is healing well.

Then they had to take the stiches off my pinky. It might have made people with weak stomachs nauseated if they looked at their own finger. Because as I was looking at my pinky I could see the folds of my skin that were stiched together and the cuts that were made. So they take off the stiches (which feel kind of like pulling a splinter out, but that is the worst it could feel, because on one of the stiches the orthopedia technican dropped my thread). Then they put on special looking tape(bandages to keep my stitches from opening)

From there they had to make my splint for my hand. The lady had a sticky splint and it pulled off the tape. IT was so painful, and i saw her pull up some of my skin, so she had to slowly try to rip it off. So much blood was flowing out from my pinky. And the lady kept on asking me if I was going to faint, and I said “nope”, and then I kept on wondering why she asked me that, and it seems that a lot of people get light headed when they see blood from their own surgery and the open wound. It was really interesting, and my pinky kind of hurts because they are trying to make my fingers straight, so it pulls my ligament.

The pain that I feel in my hand feels like a deep bruise. And I get to use my right hand now. I’ll be putting pictures tomorrow.

For my robotics class we are making drivers for the robots.
and the teacher set up a wiki, so my group is in charge of making the A/D converter. So I edited some of the A/D page.

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