I have my computer back, so now I can blog more easily. Because it means i’m bored and I happen to be in front of a computer and not working in the yard or cleaning the car.

First things first, I’m going to be having surgery on my pinky. Remember how i hurt my pink in september, I finally went to the hand specialist and she recommended that I should have surgery. So my surgery is occruing this friday, so I”ll be skipping friday classes for the first 2 weeks of the quarter (surgery, and follow up). The reason my surgery is not being done in SLO but up in the Bay Area is because some how none of the orthopedic places in SLO wanted to accept my insurance company. Maybe I should have enough money so I could pay in cash, that would make it so much easier to choose any doctor. But for my finger, the chipped bone that came off my pinky is upside down in my hand. So she’s going to put a screw in my hand and stick the bone back together. And my last two fingers will be out of action for 6-8 weeks. So there goes my intramural softball.

Funny stuff, Yesterday, while cleaning up my room, i came upon a 4th grade booklet that I made. In it, I had a lot of little drawings I made from 4th grade. Anyways, as I was going through it I came upon a writing i made as a little 4th grader about what I thought my future in 2010 would be. And to summarize it, here is what i said.
I will be 26 years old, and I will be married and have 2 kids, 2 butlers, 2 housekeepers, and 2 cooks. And I will want to have a 3 story mansion, with a giant study room, and laboratory. I would want to find cures for diaseses that have not been cured.
I was talking to Edris about this, and he was joking about how as kid, I had the hindsight to see that in order for me to be a great scientist to cure diseases that I would need to have a laboratory in my house. It’s really interesting reading about what I thought about as a much younger version of myself. And Vinesh said that “Andrew, if your young self went to the future, he would shake his head at you right now”. Then Josh said, “wow, according to your prediction, you have only 3 years to get married and get 2 kids, so your window is closing really fast”

And to today, I hung out with my parents last night, and I went to church and flew all the way down to SLO in my car. Today was a fast drive because I was able to listen to the warriors game, and giants/A’s exhibition game as I was coming all the way down. (I lost signal once I reached paso robles, but I was only 25 minutes away by then.

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