Taipei and this town


The bus tour then went towards the big square in Taipei. The biggest one it had, and all the pagoda stuff that you see here are not temples but performing art centers. Which I thought is really neat, how you weave your history into architecture.


Here I am in front of the capital building. This is Taipei 101, at first i thought Vivian was talking about a freeway, but it turns out it is the main road to the parliament.

They have really fun undercover guys working there. I see these guards, and then there are these guys dressed like gardeners that just stand there and don’t move. So I’m not really sure how much undercover they are if you can see them.


I’m not really sure where this is in English, but it is a small place near the northeast part of taiwan. When I first got there, I didn’t see many people, but a lot of buses. So I thought it was weird having so many buses go to a spot to just look at the scenery.

However I was wrong, after walking 300 yards up between small walkways, with cockroaches scampering around, it reveals a giant hillside shopping walkways.

I would say here must have been 100’s of small shops, the first movie theater in Taiwan was there. Just a lot of steps to get up and down. My sister was so tired walking up all the steps.

My favorite moment was when a little boy grabbed my moms leg because he got confused. My mom screamed a dog just touched me, which scared the little boy away.

The food is delicious, but to make sure I don’t get sick we usually eat from the popular and cleanest shops that were selling. This is a sweet hot mochi dessert in ice , so the drink is cols, but mochi is still warm. Around 40nt, so $1.15.

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