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Today, I am going to not say much. I should have a roomie day, like how Christine has one with her roommates. I think Marc and I have kind of watch the same shows. What I find interesting is that he knows when I’m talking to him, and when I’m talking to myself. So our topic of the day, because we were watching something on scary movies. It was “what monster would you want to kill you, and how do you want to be killed?”.

He ended up saying “frankenstein’s monster”, because he felt sorry for the monster, and if that monster were to kill him, it would have to kill him in his sleep.

I was trying to think of what kind of monster I would want to kill me. I think I would want to take on an army of monsters at once, because if I have to get killed by a monster, I would want to get taken out by an army. So in my mind I can think “if it was only one on one, I could unleash hurricane andrew on them, and beat them silly.” Therefore, I would want to take on Aliens, Predator, Undead, Orcs at once. If I had a show on sci-fi, I would make one called “Andrew the vampire hunter”. It would be awesome.

I tried to study at school today, but I forgot the combination to the labs, and the library was closed, so i had to come home.

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