Softball Victory

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Oh man, we won our softball co-ed E league, for hayward softball. It was an awesome win. We started out the season 0-5, but came back to win 5 in a row. Then tonight we won 2 more games.

How did the games go? I didn’t do too well offensively. I think it was because I was put in the 7th hole, so I adjusted my swing a little. However, I was really efficient and good with my defense tonight. I got everything, and didn’t make an error.

Before we started our first game, we got our trophy for placing 4th overall in the league. We were super stoked about that. Smile  But little did we know what was next.



Our first team was “King’s Crew”, I would call them the cream of the crop in our league. They ended up finishing the season 9-1. They have a bunch of power hitters and really good defenders. I think it is because they recruit a little. Smile 

For King’s Crew we started off pretty fast taking a 3-0 lead. Ben was hitting amazing today, and I think it was because he was wearing my alternative batting glove. He ended up going 7-7 with one walk. I think he drove in 7 runs in after both games.

Back to the game, for king’s crew we took a good 3-0 lead. Then ET was pitching a marvelous game because we ended help them for to 1-2 runs an inning, while adding onto our score. I don’t think we made too many errors, and all our defense was solid. It was a back and forth contest, as we tried to keep they from coming close. Then we broke through in the 4th inning with 6 runs, which gave us a monsterous 11-5 lead. We were just hitting the ball where they were not. I didn’t really contribute too much on offense, but I made a couple catches in the field.

Kristina was getting tired during the end of the first game, and hoped we would lose. She wanted to relax, haha, but we told her to keep on playing.

The best play in the king’s crew game was in the last inning. Their fastest guy hits the ball and it goes to the outfield. He decides to try to run home, Brent makes a one hop throw to home plate and dana bobbles the ball a little bit, but grabs it and brings it along her thigh to get the person thrown out at the plate. The other team was angry about that, but it was an awesome play. To prevent and inside the park home run.

The 2nd game was a really amazing game. ET was throwing one crazy good game, the first 4 innings were 1-2-3 innings for him. We took an early 2-0 lead, then Green Machine was hitting the ball to the really good players on our team. Jenny made a great catch, then 2 balls went to brent and he threw them out. Then in the second inning we didn’t’ score, but green machine came up, and hit 2 rocket one hoppers to 3rd base, where I gobbled it up and threw them out, and ET got the other out. We then started to add on a run or two in each inning. 3rd inning was more of green machine hitting the ball to the right guys on our team. The ss and LF, with pretty routine hits. Then 5th inning was when robert came into pitch. That was when green machine started to hit us hard. They put up 3 runs on us to make the game 5-3. It stayed that way until the top of the 7th, when we extended the lead to 8-3.

In the bottom of the 7th, they didn’t really do too much. They had a girl and guy fly out to the outfield, then I snagged a ball at 3rd going to my left and tossing it to kristina.


For winning the championship, we got long sleeve shirts, and we took a picture in front of the score board showing us winning 7-3.

Then we celebrated at TGI Fridays, and we went to the same place as Green Machine. So we bought them two pitchers of beer. What we never realized is that green machine has been playing for 5 years, and they have never won the championship.

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