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So I have a lot of softball pictures, but only put up a couple. The other are on my google drive. Anyways, I was looking at the 2 division for Co-ed E. I think our softball team would win more games. It doesn’t look good for my team right now.


One of the things I notice is there were some company teams in the lower divison. The mechanical firm “Southland”, and controls competitor “Siemens”. So I actually went over to say hi.


My favorite team name in the other league is  “got the runs”.

In my league, there are 2 church teams. “Hard Ninety” is first baptist chruch in castro valley, “King’s Crew” is this church in hayward.

Justice league has really cool uniforms, everyone wears a superhero on their shirt, there is one girl that wears a wonder woman t-shirt with a little cape on the back.

I hope we win soon, because I think it really affects the morale of the team.

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