Softball Injury

I love driving down 680, because I love looking at mountains. Smile


It is halfway through or softball season. The girls were putting little ribbons in their hair on the right.



I got injured from softball today. It sucks, because I was running hard into 2nd base, and the girl dropped the ball. Because of that, I overran the base. While trying to stop, I put my arm down and locked it up. So gave myself hyperextension, and I also put my knee down and was sliding while trying to stay up. Sad smile

I ended up being 2 feet away from the base once I was done. Then I was caught in a pickle, and the guy caught me as I was slowing down onto the base. So when I was walking off the field, that was when I realized I really hurt my elbow. I was just leaning down in pain, because it felt like someone just stabbed me in the arm.


On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being I want to chop off the pain, I would say it was around a 7.


That thing is going to scab so badly. I already see puss foaming out of my bandages.

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