I went to mail a package today, and so I went and got some food to go from Jack in the Box. And as I was driving home, I thought “why don’t I eat it at the park “. So I did that, but it wasn’t very interesting sitting there. Because there were no clouds out. All I saw were two teenagers in the far side practicing baton twirling, and a little kid and her mom just sitting there.

So I took my sourdough jack and sat on the bench next to the playground. Since it was 11:46am, there were no kids with their moms playing on the playground. So in essence, I had the whole playground to myself.

I then went into the grass to see if I could catch myself a pet. Vinesh and I have decided that we want to have male bumblebees for pets. For 2 reasons, they are lazy and do absolutely nothing. We petted(actually prodded them with our finger) them, and they wouldn’t even fly away. And I don’t think they require much to live on. If a male college student could survive eating cheetos and drinking orange juice. I think a male bumblebee could survive with me. Then once I finish college, I’ll get an exotic pet.

Finally, I’m unlikely to take the EIT, because I don’t think I want to get a Professional Engineering certification. My classmate was telling me how he talked to his co-workers and they all say the PE certification doesn’t really have any effect on your salary or jobs you can get. Its only good if you want to end up being a consultant (but he said those guys are like the very last resort, pinch-hitters, we need a super star) kind of guys). And I don’t think I will be an engineer forever. So maybe I’ll do it for fun, when I’m older.

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