i’m going to do something productive

So I’m going to finally do something I think that will be productive. I’m going to help out edris get some webcast education lectures from some colleges and send them overseas. I think tomorrow we are going to go directly to the regents. Then I’m going to have dim sum across from the building.

Anyways, We sat around looking at info on the internet to get webcasts. I’m not sure what webcasts i’m getting. That’s enough boring info.

On the other hand, Edris really likes that Green Day song “Wake me up when september ends”. So as he sat around playing spider solitaire and listening to green day. I was in the same room sitting around trying to play it. I’ve got most of it down now. I just have to remember when to play the music. Now I know why its much easier to play guitar songs then piano, because in guitars you have words. And I think i remember words better then melody. I did remember melodies in piano. But the piano has usually several parts in the song. So i make stops at places to remember. This is because if I break concentration, I usually start to forget notes, and if i totally forget the part, I just jump to the next stop. But the problem is that, I sometimes don’t remember what part is next. Because if i get nervous, I start pressing and then things in my mind start to blank out. Scary, and when people are watching you, I feel my body temperature rise as i’m playing.

Finally, I love baseball. I was playing in the grass and with the tennis ball. And because this was a weekday afternoon, there were little kids playing on the baseball field, and little soccer kids running around on the other side of the grass. So I had to pitch facing the restroom. And at the beginning, I was overpowering Edris. His swing was late and under on the tennis ball.

On one of his late swings, he got under the ball and fouled it up into the air. But it also flew backwards and toward the street. And like in all those movies and commercials. We just stood there watching the tennis ball as it fluttered in the sky and started falling down towards a car. So I watched as the ball hung in the sky for around 15 seconds as it traveled about 25 yards behind. And it came crashing back to the ground about 1 foot away from the windshield of the car and bounced around in the middle of the street. Then it slowly rolled to the other side of the road behind a van. Whew, it was close. Because I didn’t want to see that again, I started throwing more offspeed stuff. Once I started throwing my curveball, Edris started pounding them hard. He pulled them hard and launched them. I was afraid that he might get too far ahead and pull one into the cars parked on the side of hte road.

After 25 minutes of real hard pitching, he wanted some fat pitches down the middle. So I took off a lot of speed and threw him slow fat fastballs right down the middle. And Edris was wondering how I was throwing so accurately now. Because I was laying pitch after pitch down the middle. But the only problem was that edris couldn’t hit them well. Its really easy to throw slow fastballs with great accuracy as compared to throwing the ball harder.

I think that was why when i was in (10 years old) little league AA ball(you pitch to your own team). I was the starting pitcher when I didn’t play shortstop. I threw a meaty fastball, I usually had the batters hit around. I remember one of my pitches in little league. The pitch was going in(it wasn’t running in, it was just aimed inside) on the guys hand, but somehow he was able to turn on the ball and whack it deep over the left fielder.

I’d play baseball with anyone. I think I can throw 200 hard thrown pitches at most in one day before my arm dies.

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