Power Update: Week before

I have been pretty busy up till last week, because of my PE test. That is why I have not blogged in a while. So to make up for it, I will write 2 posts retroactively and catch us back up to my daily life.

One of the things that I really struggle with is discipline. I wish I had really good self-control, but I don’t. I realized that while studying for the PE test, I would get into study time but it sometimes took me a while to get there. I would walk around a little and check email, play a game to warm up. That is one thing I really want to get good control over. Being able to discipline my body to do what I need it to do, and not what it wants to do.

Back to the test, this time it wasn’t as bad as before. I think it was because I took a different afternoon section. I took the HVAC instead of fluids and dynamics, which really screwed me over the past 3 times I took the test. So when I did HVAC this time, I felt more confident because there are so many less equations that I need to know. Maybe 4-6 that deal directly with HVAC, and 6-8 that deal with just HP or Pumps and Fans.

While thermal and fluids would have been 50 equations. I felt like I answered 85% of the questions correctly. Just have to wait 10 weeks now to see if I can party.

My favorite part was Dennis telling me that he prayed for me going “what Andrew doesn’t know, I pray that you Lord would help him learn and find out how to do it on the test.”

I really don’t want to take the test again, so I hope this is it.


Then to finish off the weekend, I volunteered to help my mom as an usher at the dance studio she goes to. So I was the usher and watched 2 hours of chinese/modern dance. It wasn’t too bad, my favorite was watching this group of younger girls do the water dance, because they were moving their ribbons in such a way that it looked like water.


Then it was my cousin’s birthday, 2 years old now. He had an awesome cake that was like cupcakes combined into a megacake. And there were rings on the cake.



Blowing the cake with big brother helping


My sister and cousins showing off their rings


Bunny Cake


I got whipped by these 3 boys playing lightsaber. They swing violently.

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