Portland Trip Day 2 Part 3


Then after the bike ride, we walked down to a mexican restaurant to eat. So we went home to take a quick nap before we went with our last part of the night. We started off the last part of the day by going to eat at blue moon ice cream. Smile


There was a pretty cool park next to the ice cream place. With random lights pointing down. So Chosen and I had to fulfil our part for losing our bet. We stood in the light near this pool of water and started doing jumping jacks while singing “happy birthday”. There were these little kids that were watching us. Smile with tongue out


The fountain was really nice, and had some really nice stones to sit/sit on. So we laid on it and just talked “secrets”. It was interesting with us telling our inner secrets while we were just laying around looking up into the sky. It was around 70 degrees.


Then after that we went to this place called “Ground Kontrol”. It was a pretty cool bar where you could play video games while drinking. We played a lot of pinball, then ended up having a tetris war. It was sherri versus Jamie for the supremacy of the girls.

With that, we went home and played more “secrets” where we cried. However, Chosen was super tired and had missed out on this.

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