Pint Glass and Valentines Day Cards

Today wasn’t too crazy at work, everything seems to be moving at a good and constant pace. So onto the fun stuff of the day.

The fun thing that I did today was what i bought at lunch. Nicole was questioning my age, because I came back with a bag of candy, magic milk straws, push pop, ladybug minikit and valentine’s day card.

So I was drinking my magic milk straw in a Stone pint glass. That is how 3 of the engineers drink their stuff. We pour our soda, water, ice tea, or juice into our pint glasses. It looks like a nice dark beer when it is something like coke and root beer. Hahaha, I always think I have vodka in my glass when i have water in it. =)

That right there is the fairy valentines day cards I got to give to all the people in the office. Best thing is that all the males will go “what in the world”, but secretly I think they will all like a valentines day card. =) Especially my one co-worker who saw me pull out the cards and said “Heck no, don’t you dare give me one”, to which i’m interpreting as he wants 2 cards. Lucky for him=)

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