physics class

After going to sleep early. i woke up at 7:00 today. I had awaken twice, once at 3:00am and 6:00 am, but i went back to sleep quickly after.

So after gettting 10 hours of sleep i walked off to class. I was sizzling on my quiz, if it was food, it would have been devoured. Anyways, i was sitting in class listening to hte professor talk. Then out of nowhere, he started talking about this formula being the best. Then he said “like the headwaiter in Cana, talking about wine”. Ooh, this teacher just pulled something out from the Bible, and i could hear a person behind me whisper “what’s cana.”. And somebody else behind him goes “it’s in the Bible”.

And then i want to sleep some more.



I saw a girl with blue hair today. I thought she was wearing a wig because here hair was really strong in color, and looked fluffy and fake.=)


eyes hurt

my eyes feel very stuffy, I think it’s time to pull out my contacts. I think i was in the kitchen too long. Anyways, i got to work the elevator. Very interesting. I had to get a cart from downstairs. So i opened up the door, where if you push the up wall, the the bottom part of the door goes down. Then i had to lift up the gate. Very slow process.

Anyway today was football theme for lighthouse. So they had pizza and other goodies. Anyways, I”m too tired to go to veritas. It you still want to go. there is still one more day of veritas left. I think i’ll go to hte Religion and Science. IT should be good.

Have to clean my room, and i think i’ll make my personal website again. This time, the website theme will have a puzzle, with a late night show background.

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