i would be the worst mafia player in the world. Or the best. Depending on what i’m doing.

So during the retreat we play mafia, and i survive so long into all 5 games. What is that. I think people are not scared of me. They don’t think i can actually get someone. but i can, and it’s just great. Usually, all the girls get killed off first, and then i find a way to hang around and not die. I’m really good at taht. I kind of suck at detective, because i don’t talk too loud, and don’t want to make so much noise. IT’s really fun just watching other people and figuriing out who is mafia. What sucked was that in my first game i played, I believed the guy next to me was a citizen. So he played me all the way to the end. If i didn’t talk to him. I would have figured out 2 of the mafia members right off the bat. I just looked down in 2 areas, and i could just feel the mafianess flowing out of them. But he messed up my thinking, by redirecting me. I was detectived 3 times in a row. =). A funny one. And mafia members were always next to me. I was surrounded for 2 rounds, on both sides by mafia.

Anyway, today was a really heavy tiring day. First off, i didn’t have much energy, especially since i still need to regain sleep i lost at the retreat. And I woke up and my brain wasn’t functioning, and i don’t think i did well for my statics quiz. I had that at 7:00am. Ungodly time, and it was raining outside, and i almost slipped on the sidewalk. What’s really dangerous during wet days are those metal platforms on the ground that usually go over power supply in the ground. It has a metal top, and is bumpy, but on a raining day. It gives no traction, and i slipped with one foot on it. But i was still able to stay straight.

Then there was more rain, and i was really wet, and my backback is really wet. My papers got soaked because I usually zip my backback up to the middle of the top. And it left an opening.

What a really bad day. But I’m still thankful to God for having suck a hard day.

I didn’t see anything different happening today. But i’m still really sore, how do i stretch out the muscle in my back near my neck. That’s what i want to know. Putting cheese over corn, and cooking them together, make a very interesting taste. And cutting 5 onions make you cry like a waterfall.

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