Painting Weekend

So I got my house on friday afternoon, called them and everything worked. Too bad they didn’t tell me earlier that my house papers had all come through. When I went to pick up my keys on friday night, I see this tag on the door that shows me the water company knew I had the house at 9:30 am at the lastest.


Took a picture with the rabbit and panda on the tree.

So this is what I have to do to the house, cut down that tree blocking my view from out the kitchen. =) And fix the sprinkler system. The good news is that it still works, the bad news is that it isn’t working correctly. Someone took off one of the sprinkler heads !!!!

Friday, I went to home depot to buy my items.

Saturday, I spent the afternoon walking around the house starting to clean the floors and then prepping the floor for painting. At first we were planning on using rollars, but my sister told me that my dad’s cousin had a paint sprayer. So we picked that up on saturday night. Awesome machine.


Room Pre-Paint

Sunday, since we were trying to paint the whole house, I had to skip church. Started with a room first, becuase I needed to practice using the spray.So I accidentally overcoated that room, had to use the rollar to thin it out.

We were using 5 galloon paint from kelly-moore, “swiss coffee”. What was great was that I was using my uncle’s contractor discount. The paint came out 40% cheaper. So once I get all the walls painted white, I will slowly go around and accent the walls later (using a rollar). Right now, I want to get everything done so I could get a roommate in (to be my security in the house) ;). So the room above is where I will mostly likely sleep in when I am there.


Well i just randomly took a picture in the living room, it is not painted yet.


That is my cousin and dad helping me. While i’m just taking a picture. The reason there were no other pictures was because I was painting the whole time.

The worst time I had spraying was when I was shooting the ceiling. I could barely see with my goggles on because they were getting coated with paint. =( So I took them off, which meant paint landed on my eyes. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t all messed up, then I remembered that I wear contacts. =P.


I guess you don’t see much difference, but there is a slight difference. All the marks whatever kid they had there that messed up the walls are gone now. =)

Going to go back there on Wednesday to knock out the following. Termite Estimates, Garage Door Estimate, and some other estimators. More money leaving my pocket. =P


I was sad when I found out that I had to install exhaust vents in my bathroom. =) I didn’t want to do anywork, so I think i’ll call my co-worker’s boyfriend to help me do it.

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