Awkward Hug, Recruiter, and Name

So there are two stories today, and no pictures.

Story 1:

My coworker Steve (27 just like me) started working with us this year, and previously lived in japan. So he had a girlfriend there, and he showed the office admin a picture of his girlfriend. There the office admin goes “she is cute, how tall is she?”. I happen to be walking by so I look at the picture too.

Steve is thinking hard, and goes “andrew, come here”. He then proceeds to put his hand behind my head and bring it into his chest. Then puts the other arm around the lower of my back and we have a hug for 3-4 seconds. Then the lets go and says “She is a little shorter than Andrew”. The office admin is looking at us going with her mouth open going “awkward”. =) That was my awkward hug with my co-worker.

Story 2:

So I get call from a recruiter. Never knew that the controls industry was that small, becuase I asked him how he knew about me. He said my name has been brought up before. People like Siemens (competitor), and others have mentioned my names (and must have said good things about me). I don’t remember ever talking to any of them, all they would have known me by would be my drawings. He knew my co-workers and how long we have worked there. Kind of interesting how this recruiter in seattle worked that closely with putting people in the bay area.

The new project manager likes to call me A-Train or Wonginator.

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