i’ll post before i sleep.

So this morning. At 12:00 am. I was still away playing a game boy rom. I was playing advance war. Anyway, I was playing and not studying. So i eventually got myself to start studying at 1:00. So i got up and did hte homework. Which was 5 physics problems. My physics teacher gives homework/class examples on his quiz. So it wasn’t too bad. I did the homework and i did it in 10 minutes. I just had to plug the numbers into the equations. And magically i got the answers. So i went to sleep at around 1:30. If i didn’t play video games i would have been asleep by 11:45.

So i woke up at 7:30 and went to my class. I got my quiz and saw that it was two of the easy questions . I was happy because i knew how to use the equations.

After physics, i went to the hong kong boys house to meet up with Alby, and Gary. We were going to talk to mormons. Those guys know a lot of stuff. They hatve memorized many bible verses. Even though they memorize it in the wrong context. The mormon guys are so discipline. They have not watched tv or movies for almost 2 years, while on their mission. I think i’ll start memorizing Bible verses now. I don’t want to feel naked if someone asks me to quote the Bible, and i can only paraphrase. It’s not as good as quoting.

So i get a ride back to my room, and I start to work on my statics homework. AFter looking at the problems, i didn’t know how to do them. Then i checked my e-mail and my statics teacher had emailed us saying that our homework wasn’t due until monday.

I was working in the kitchen. And i learned how they make sweet and sour sauce. It is ketchup, a lot of sugar, pineapple juice, and one other thing. I forgot what else it was.

I want to make another website. I”m not sure what i want to put on it, but i just want it took look good, because the content doesn’t have to be interesting, but if the layout looks cool, i would look at it.


i was thinking

i just remember today after math class while i was walking back to my room. I was walking alone, so i was just thinking to myself. Then all of a sudden “west side story” popped into my head. So i started snapping while i was walking, and when i was walking down a path where there was no one looking, i started doing the walk also. The snap and walk, with the rhythm, like how all the gang members meet up. That was me by myself. I kept on thinking of hte lyrics “I want to be an american” And then doing that latin dance

I want to make a fun song like the ones relient K makes. LIke their sadie hawkins dance.

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