Oakland A’s


So I have gone to at least one A’s game this season. Just so people know that I do love to watch baseball live.

My favorite part of tonight was watching Sherri play with Maddie. That little girl loves to eat anything. I made a salad for the game tonight, and brought in cheesecake to the stadium. (Will is always surprise when I bring in so much food, because I think he forgets you can bring in outside food to the stadium). But I had 6 corn tortilla pieces, and ate 4 of them with Sherri.

I only had a tortilla left, and maddie wanted to eat it. So I gave her a tortilla and she just ate it plain. That kid really just likes to eat, and doesn’t care about the flavor. Smile

The A’s lost by the way. But I was really just enjoying the game with the 5 dollar tickets in the 2nd deck. Only thing I always forget is how cold oakland gets at night, while SF gets even colder.

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