Maker’s Faire 2014 Part 1


Yaya, another fun year of Maker’s Faire. This year, I took only Sherri, because none of her friends wanted to come. I guess I also forgot to invite my friends to it. As for the maker’s faire, I just paid 20 dollars to park at the parking lot because I got there late. IMAG2266

So this walking weird animal just has a guy inside with stilts on his hands and feet walking around. Just if you wonder if it was robotic or not.

There is always a good steampunk following there. Sherri loved it, and she took all these extra pictures for her roommate.


There she is with a picture of the motorcycle guy. IMAG2264IMAG2263

I took a picture in the “gypsie land”, I thought the bikes with those llamas face were pretty cool. So you just press a button and the mouth would open up and down as you biked around .


There was this traveling tavern boxIMAG2261IMAG2260

There was this thing were you would try to give a high five. I could only reach the 2nd from the right. I did go for the 3rd one and I missed badly. I have no hops. Sad smile Time to work on the vertical leap.

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