Library and Magic


One of the nice things about where I live is that I actually live 1 mile from the library. So I can walk there if I wanted to.

So with my day, I decided to just walk around Union City and figure this place out. Smile I walked down to safeway area, around to the daiso on other side, stopped by a chinese bakery, then I ended up walking to the high school, and then to the library.

The Union City library is next to the main Union City Admin Building (so essentially city hall). So there is a nice little lake in front of it, and the library has a porch. So I sat on the porch reading a magic trick book.

What do I find from magic trick books, I realize that I am now reading enough tricks that I am starting to figure out how to make my own tricks. Which is a good sign, that I know how to do the easy trick on the fly. Because I always find it interesting, if you go to a magician and ask him to do a trick on the fly.


Here was one of the interesting tricks that I have never seen. Essentially you can make a jumping mouse that you can control with a paper napkin.

I feel like I am progressing as a compee, so one dad  I can have my own magic show. That is one of my nearest future goal. That and learning my mandarin/cantonese.


While the union city admin has an indoor atrium, and all the workers desk face out towards this vegetation.

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