Learning new words

Lets say we have a customer, and he has been causing us problems. Because of him, we have name the work on his server BACAnet. Whenever we get mad we go BacaBacaBacaBaca.

My japanese co-worker on the cubicle behind me told me that “Baka” in japanese means stupid. So to him, it sounds like we are saying stupid all the time. Like the way a wife says it to her husband. That was how he described the way we used the word baka.

Also, I helped my parents move some desks out of their room, as they are slowly getting rid of stuff in the house, so they can eventually move out. Knowing that, I have been preparing to take random items and populate my house with it.

The desk I helped my dad move out was this heavy workish metal desk. The lady that wanted it brought her friend, a strong guy, and we carried everything out. I was sweating after only 5 minutes of doing the lifting.

As for how do I feel after the last girl I dated didnt’ work out? I feel okay, i was slightly sad when I was at the wedding, and saw that 90% of the people there were coupled up.

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