La Mar W/ the Friday Crew


For this friday night, Alan invited Kristina, Anna, and I to a fancy dinner in the city. So we decided upon La Mar in the city. Our reservation was around 8:45pm.

We had a close call getting to the BART station on time. There was a lot of traffic, so Michelle and I got to the Bayfair parking lot with 3 minutes before our train. Anna saw us get out of the car, and run all the way in. Since we got to the 7:55 train, we were able to spend 10 minutes looking at the bay bridge lights.


Right next to the restaurant was a bar called “water bar”. There was this cute asian girl there, that I told Alan I would give him 5 dollars to talk to her. However, he didn’t get a chance to, because when she was off the phone. She walked back in.


It was unlimited drinks by Alan, he had this really tasty ginger beer. I didn’t drink too much though.


The Cerviche was really good. I think it was the best thing on the menu there.

IMAG2697Too much drinking for Kristina, she had to take a break.


Dessert was interesting, the ice cream was really good. While the chocolate tiramisu cake was interesting. Mostly because it was a dark chocolate wrapper around the cake.

It was a really good dinner. We had so much fun just talking and getting to know each other’s love life. Smile IMAG2707

To end the night, we walked around back to Alan’s car, drove to the mission so we could get a bacon wrapped hot dog. We started off going to our right instead of our left (because there was a couple making out on the left). That caused us to walk and extra 6 blocks, as we circled all the way around, to find the bacon wrapped hot dog cart on the left side of the street we parked on. Sad smile 

Alan ate that hot dog like it was the most amazing thing ever!

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