Church and Perspectives

From coming home so late from LA, we were not able to wake up on time for church. It was around 10:55 when we woke up. So we were looking for churches that had services that started at 11:30 or 12. However, we only found services that started at 11am or earlier.

We ended up watching the live service from Cornerstone Church in livermore. It was pretty funny, chosen and I sitting in my room just watching the preacher.

However we make it back to church in time for perspectives. When I got to church is surprised a lot of people, because some of them found out I was in LA the day before. Then they were wondering why we only went one day and came back. I had to tell them it was only a special mission trip.

I almost didn’t go to perspectives because I didn’t see my name on the book list. However, my name was on their list. So Alan convinced me to come back. I went and sat with DBo, CJ on the engineering table.

What was kind of surprising, was seeing Stacy from the Japanese Christian Church remember my face and start talking to me. I was thinking she would not really remember us that well because they were only there for 5 minutes, and there were many of us there. She seems like such a nice person, I think CJ wants to ask her out.

I hope he gets her number, but he might need to try harder because he did come up next to me when she stopped to talk to me. However, he didn’t really say much to get her attention. What I wonder is if either one of us just pulled out our cell phone and went “want to exchange numbers”, would she have given us her number. I think she must like me at least as a friend. 

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