Joe & Frances

Today was a special day for my friend’s Joe and Frances. Joe got engaged to her and planned it all out with a puzzle searching adventure.

The story they told was amazing, but I didn’t understand it correctly. So Joe wanted his friend Pedro to take pictures, so the cue word was pinata. And he had a card for Frances to lift up.
However I got confused, so I somehow have Pedro coming out from hiding behind a tree with a pinata. Then somehow Joe was making things appear and disappear.

I really like Joe, he is a calming influence on Frances and thoughtful. I still remember when he was sick with the headaches , and he could not come out at all. So I ended up giving him a box of get well items.

Frances is awesome too, full of crazy energy. She makes a lot of things go from good to great. I think mostly because of her honesty and enthusiasm.

I was trying to keep a low profile of where I went to. Because everyone not at the party were at my house watching “the walking dead”. I had made this awesome lasagna, where I tried to make the sauce from scratch. So I had a lot of canned tomatoes, pureed, and dice. Then I add in the onion, garlic, basil and parsley, with a little few other ingredients. It is amazing how putting in fresh ingredients (except of tomatoes) makes such a big difference in taste. Everyone there loved the sauce and thought it was awesome. I should continue to cook more to bless my friends.

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