job fair

Today, I did dress up and went to the job fair. I went to the job fair around noon, and it was really sunny outside. So I was sweating as i walked all the way to the chumash auditorium. I should have gone with the beige dress shirt instead of the blue one. Two reasons, first a lot of other guys were wearing blue dress shirts, and my blue dress shirt was absorbing a lot of heat…. hmm… actually, I think the reason i was really hot was because I had on two t-shirts under my dress shirt. That would account for why my neck and chest felt really hot while my arms felt nice and cool.

Now you must be wondering if there were any good companies there. So I go in and look around, and there are a lot of companies, except a lot of them were looking for civil engineers and architects. So there wasn’t too many for me to find, I found another ME and he was telling me how he looked around and found only several companies that were looking for ME’s. I talked to one comapny Rolf Jensen & Associates, Inc, they are a fire protection consulting service company. They make sure that when buildings are build all the ventiation and sprinkers are made in a way that if there is a fire, the damage will not be as severe. Then i talked to another company that made drilling technology.

I need to start making my own breaks like my classmate. He works at “upper crust” resturant, and last night as he was working there he was serving 3 guys who worked for a company that had its headquarters in Ohio. They had driven all the way to SLO for the job fair, and he they talked to him, and found out he was a Mecahnical Engineer. So they gave him their business card and told him to send him his resume.

My roommates toilet isn’t working, so they are using the restroom near our room. Because I had slept 5 hours in the afternoon last night, I was a light sleeper at night. So at around 5:00am, I think Pat was going to sleep, so he goes to the restroom, but he left the lights in the hallway on, and the change in ambience of light woke me up.

I looked at my clock and then fell back asleep, but i had one of those nightmares. I was dreaming that I was waking up for class to turn in my english homework. But in my dream, I overslept and was one hour late for class. So I have to be driven to class, and when i get there and turn in the homework, I find out that the teacher had changed the homework assignment.

Finally, I was looking at my stapler. I have one of those plastic pocket staplers that have a staple remover at the end of it. So today, I saw my classmate use his stapler, and saw him open up the bottom to show that there was an extra staple holding area on the bottom of the stapler. I thought that was cool, because i never noticed it. Btw, I also got a stapler from the job fair, and it has a staple holder at the bottom.

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