I have choices to make

Okay, here is my choices.

As I have told you my roommate is leaving us because of financial difficulties. So he’s been interviewing people for us. And after eliminating a lot of people from our set rules like. No girls (even though a girl from ireland called about our room). And several other things like (not a party animal). So its come down to 4

Alex – freshman Agriculture engineer
Bryan – freshman statistics (his mom has been desparetly trying to get him the place)
Chris – 22 year old transfer student. He is going to cuesta college and in 2 years wants to transfer. He works at radio shack

Avng – 27 year old EE graduate student. He is curently starting Biomedical masters study. And is a very quiet guy.

Now I’m not really sure. So I’m going to try to contact all of them tomorrow. I was wondering what type of questions I should ask them.

Also, my roommate that is leaving, really wants to find a cheap place to live. And he saw we have a very large storage room. And we have another storage room downstairs that is like the harry potter closet. But that’s besides the point. I’m trying to figure out, how much shoud I charge the guy to live in a closet? I’m thinking he might pay a little more then the utlitiles combined. (Cable(internet,tv),water, electricity). I’m thinking of charging him a flat fee of 150. And making him our slave… i mean make him do some housekeeping (sweep the patio).

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