Icy Hot Bengay Day

So today, I woke up looked at my body especially my legs to see how my body was adapting to the beating it took from football yesterday. It didn’t look too bad, so I put on some chinese ointment on me, so I smelled like icy hot for the whole day at work. My co-worker who had a stuffy nose could smell it when I walked past her. =)

The funny story of the day was seeing my project manager write an email back to a customer project manager. He has a really “informal” email writing style, which especially in email form require a certain type of person on the other end to understand. So he recieved an email, and in it the customer writes “See my responses below in blue”, so he writes back “see my responses below in white”. He then presses enter a couple times, and writes “Thanks” in black. Then he sends off the email.

There are no pictures today, because I wanted to take a picture of something I was drinking. So I will do it tomorrow. But I did sit around trying to bend my magic wand prop into a boomarang.

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