Ice Skating For Paula


I have not ice skated in a while, so I  was excited to go ice skating for Paula’s Birthday. Paula has been practicing a lot, and has picked it back up as a hobby. So for her birthday we went to shark tank in fremont.


After skating a while, I remembered why I didn’t like it that much. Most of it was because I have pronation in my legs, so it makes my legs get really sore and irritated right above my ankles. I think maybe after 30 minutes, my leg hurt so much. I need it tight or else I can’t even skate. Sad smile


Watching little kids move around with ease and just make spins around me made me laugh. Especially the kids who are practicing for hockey, I would see them weave in and out around people.

There was one guy power skating around listening to headphones, and he was doing a hockey stop. I asked him to teach me and she showed me how to do it. That was the easy part, the hard part was doing it. I had to hold the skate at an angle where I didn’t stick into the ice, but I could kind of glide/stop on it.  Once you could do that, you had to commit to stopping when you wanted to stop. So I tried it with kelvin near the boards. I think I checked myself into the boards a couple times.

If there was video, it would look like we were lemmings running at the board and trying to stop, however we were unable to stop and ended up smashing into the walls.


My favorite memory from ice skating is always imagining I played for the mighty ducks. movie. So I would try to do those goal celebrations, but end up just wiping out. IMAG4499

Then we ended the night with chocolate fondue, there is nothing that does not taste good with chocolate. Yum Yum Yum Smile

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