Dad Passed Away

This year has been a really tough year. My dad just passed away, and I am really sad. 🙁 I know I was lucky that he lived as long as he lived with pancreatic cancer. He got to live 1.5 years. I got that time to take care of my dad each day and shower him with my love. We were able to pray together, eat food together, and I got to do things with him that a lot of people would wish they had a chance to do.

I think one of my favorite things to do with my dad when he first had chemo was going shopping. We could go to chipotle and share a burrito bowl, because he could not eat that much. However, I enjoyed all the times I got to help him.

I also was able to tell my dad how much I love him everyday and night. He told me how much he loved me too! 🙂 Like what i heard in a lot of podcasts, I got to tell my dad how much he meant to me and everything he did for me before he passed away. This actually helped me a lot to get through it, because I don’t have any regrets.

I had talked to Edris to ask him how he dealth with patients that had grief. He told me that most people are sad because they have regrets and “I wishes”, that they will always keep on having more wishes. and also they don’t realize that the person has lived a full life.

There are a couple things I do wish my dad was around for, especially my wedding. However it will not come to fruition.

I actually have been listening to a podcast by chip ingram on what heaven is like.

This actually helped me realize how awesome Heaven is, and it makes me feel happy for my dad, that he gets to live there right now.

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