heavy walk home

So i took the bus to pick up my book package that was at the post office because they could not drop it off at my apt. So i took the bus, and i was waiting for the bus to come. But i was looking at the map on the wall, and it said the bus would not come until 2:44 and it was 2:20. So i decided to go to taco bell across the street. So by the time i walk out, I see that the bus has just left. And i had to waste some time. So i walked into big 5, and I wanted to get some dumbbells, so i found the dumbbells that you put weights onto and can adjust. They were on sale for 30 dollars from 45. So i bought it. As i was carrying the box, i figured it was around 50 pounds with everything in there. So I start carrying it. Its really heavy, and i walk to the bus stop. So i wait for the bus.

When i was taking the bus back. I got off on the wrong stop. I got off on a stop 4 blocks farther then i was suppose to go. So that was around half a mile more. So here i am, lugging a 50 pound box , and its not too big but very heavy. I walk 3 blocks, and then my forearms start to hurt. The forearms were getting a lot of blood flow through it. So eventually my forearms were in pain. So i would walk 20 steps, rest, then walk 20 more steps, took me a while, but i was able to make it back to my place.

Then i slept for a long time. Didn’t go to AACF because i was really tired.

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