Funny stories we like to tell at work

So today was monday and pretty interesting in the office. Our co-worker came back from LA and working on the project down south. He had a job in the LA Courthouse and works from 3pm to 3am.

I went down there a long time ago and we always joke about it. When I was down there, me and the engineer (he is 60 year old), slept together in the same car on the day we flew back. (We got to the airport at 3am, and went to sleep in the car for a couple hours until our 6:45am flight).

The other story we have there, is the lady that accidentally flashed me her panties. A 30ish lady was sitting on the window sill wearing a dress/skirt talking intently on her cell phone. She had one leg up on the sill and other leg down, and my collegue and I were walking out of the elevator that was facing her. (There was really nobody in the upper levels moving back and foward, so it was only her and us). I happened to be looking in her general direction when I walked out. =( My co-worker has been joking about that all the time saying “that lady is asking about where you are Andrew”. =) hahahaha.


That is how i use to have my business cards held up on my desk. With my mighty muggs. Speaking of which, I want to buy a blank one and try to paint a new one again. =)


I was looking at cards online, and I saw something like this so I made my own version of it. =)

For today’s story, there are 4 people involved.

Larry : 60 year old engineer
Zach : 28 year old engineer
John : 30 year old PM.

So I was listening with my earphones plugged in. John looks at me and goes “man, everytime I look at your earphones I get jealous because I lost mine. They cost me 50 dollars and had an mic on them”.

I reply, “yeah, but mine only cost 5 dollars, so it is really replaceable”

Then Zach chimes in,” i just get the dollar ones from Walmart, you could have bought 50 of them John. But the funny thing is that the walmart in San Leandro is so ghetto that they lock up the 97 cents ear buds. So I have to cut a slit in them and pull them out because I can’t find anyone to help me”

Then Larry chimes in, ” I was once at a walmart, I heard over the loudspeaker ‘free knives with purchases of groceries’, then I quickly got out of walmart”.

Hhahahaha, so that was our conversation at work about headphones.

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