Funemployment Projects: Magic Box


What have I been doing for my free time. I was watching youtube and saw a pretty cool magic trick box illusion. So I decided to take some time to work on my woodworking.

I went to the dollar stores and home depot, which is enough to buy everything you need to make a good trick.


It took me around 3 days to finish it all. Mostly because I didn’t know what I was really doing, and got confused a little while cutting the boards. So I cut the pieces to the wrong size, and had to remake the cuts. Eventually I got everything done, painted, and tested. I’ll upload a video of the trick in a couple days, once I make sure everything looks good.


One of the newest things I bought was another grocery bag. I have a couple of bags that are nearing their end, so I decided to get a new bag. Looking on ebay, I came across this donkey kong bag, which looks so cool. It could be bigger, but I don’t buy too much to overflow it, so it should be just fine. I am also getting really excited for my family vacation.

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