Brad ‘s Birthday


One of the nice things about living close to home is how a lot of my high school friends live back here too!

So it was my friend Brad’s 30th birthday. It was so cool just celebrating with him and other people I knew from high school.


We ended up going to linden brewery in oakland. It is a pretty nice little hip bar, with a lot of space to drink and eat.


The fun thing to watch was all the ladies interact with each other. It was only the guys that knew each other, so you could see the girls having the hardest time fitting in.

I also met Neil’s girlfriend, and what was surprised to find out she did building automation. This was the first time I ever ran into someone else who did what I did.


We ended up eating bar food there, then walking next door to eat dinner. It was fusion Asian food, but wasn’t that great. I enjoy the beer but not the food too much.

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