Friday of Fun

The weekend was super packed for me. On friday I went out to the city to celebrate Frances’s Birthday. It was out at some random pub in the mission called Phoenix. That was a pretty cool irish bar. I got my favorite half and half.

For Frances, I got her this cute shirt from Zoe Clothing, where my old roommate in college worked at.


We got closed out at one tequila bar, when one of Frances’s friend threw up. Then we ended up eating this mexican dough thing filled with chicken. Smile

My favorite part of the night was that my friend was going to take me home. He drove up and parked by himself, but he could not remember where his car was parked. We walked around for 15 minutes to not avail. Then his girlfriend started to get tired, so I ended up sitting with her on the window edge on a closed corner shop. We sat around for as my friend ran south looking for his car. 

   After twenty five minutes to comes back and says “ I think my car is north of here”, and the car ends up being across the street, around 100 yards away.

I chuckled on the inside thinking that we were actually really close to the car this whole time, while my friend was getting farther and farther away from it.

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